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Research interests

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Study of structural and chemical modifications induced in materials by ion beams

My research activity focuses on the study at the nanometric scale of structural and chemical modifications in materials induced by ion implantation and/or irradiation, to understand the basic mechanisms of the synthesis of materials under ion beams, or their damage. The JANNuS−Orsay platform at CSNSM (of which I am a local contact), consisting of a transmission electron microscope connected to two ion accelerators, is an ideal tool because it allows the irradiation and / or implantation of the considered material with one or two simultaneous ion beams, with in situ observations and structural studies.

Currently I am studying in particular the two following points:

- Ageing of power plants vessels components, experimentally simulated through ion beams (irradiation and helium presence), in order to understand the mechanisms (more information here)

- Understanding nano-oxides synthesis by ion implantation in steels: application to ODS materials, under consideration for Gen IV nuclear reactors, more information here