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Laurent Lellouch

Ab initio calculations in non-perturbative quantum chromodynamics

Jeudi 5 mars 2009, à 16h00

Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) has been accepted as the theory of the strong interaction ever since the discovery of asymptotic freedom by Gross, Politzer and Wilczek, over thirty years ago. Despite many successful quantitative predictions for high-energy processes, applications to low-energy hadronic phenomena have been hindered by the challenge of solving QCD in this strongly-coupled regime. A space-time lattice discretization of QCD lends itself to direct numerical simulation, but its enormous computational burden has precluded accurate calculations until recently. As I will show, lattice QCD is currently undergoing dramatic progress, such that it is now beginning to allow reliable quantification of non-perturbative, strong-interaction phenomena. As a first example, I will present an ab initio calculation of the masses of light hadrons. I will then discuss how lattice QCD can help constrain the search for physics beyond the standard model.