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Database Team

- The storage/reduction/redistribution of the detector scan data.
- To ensure that the simulated detector response data (MGS) is stored in a location and a manner consistent with the scanned data.
- To provide access to the in-beam test data for the AGATA collaboration.
- To co-ordinate with the PSA/Digitizer/DAQ groups to determine the data base needed to store the detector calibration parameters (including such things impurities, temperatures, high voltages, history) required for experiment initialisation.
- To investigate the data storage/access requirements for the Demonstrator/Agata.

Construction Database :
Based on ORACLE10, and hosted by the CCIN2P3, is used to keep track of the current status of all the components within the AGATA array and to make this information available to the user community. More information and a GUI is available from
IPNLyon .

Contact : Karl Hauschild