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A.M. Mukhmedzhanov

Gravitational interaction of nucleons with mini black holes

Jeudi 1er octobre 2009, à 14h00

In this talk I will address the absorption of nucleons by mini black holes (MBH). MBH are hypothetical objects having enormous mass density. I consider the gravitational interaction of the MBHs with non-relativistic nucleons. Evidently that requires derivation of the equation for the wave function in a curved space. To do it I start from the Klein-Gordon equation, which is written in the covariant form in the general relativity and derive the Schroedinger equation in the curved space. This equation contains, in addition to the Newtonian gravitational potential, surprising additional potentials generated by the curved space. One of these potentials is imaginary causing the absorption of the matter by the MBH. The analytical expression for the absorption cross section is derived nd results of the calculations will be presented. I also will estimate the mass gained by the MBH when it crosses the sun.