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Nuclear Moment Measurements in Neutron Deficient Ba Nuclei

J. Kaur (Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi)

Mardi 4 septembre 14h

The transitional nuclei in the A 130 mass region with few valence nucleons near shell closure offer to study variety of shapes and structures due to interplay of various multi quasi-particle excitations and the collective behavior of underlying core. Both protons and neutrons occupy the unique parity h11/2 intruder orbitals which play an important role in shape driving properties of neutrons and protons. Thus, neutron-deficient Ba isotopes are important for investigating the phenomenon of shape coexistence and have been the subject of much experimental and theoretical interest. The electromagnetic moment measurements give insight into the collective and single particle structures of nuclear states. The nuclear moments of the ground state have been extensively investigated across the isotopic chain of Ba and it has supported the triaxial nuclear deformation in this region. The present measurements are an effort to understand further the shape evolution in this mass region. Recently we have carried out nuclear moment measurements in 129,128Ba nuclei using the TDPAD technique. The isomeric states , 7- in 128Ba and 9/2- & 23/2+ in 129Ba, has been excited through the 120Sn(12C,xn)128,129Ba nuclear reactions. The results will be discussed in the background of the systematic of the nuclear moments in this region.