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July 7th 2004

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AMB  :

- The next AMB meeting will be 4th October 2004.

Detector Module  :

ALT="capsule" ALIGN="left">

The first AGATA detector was delivered by the company Canberra Eurisys and was mounted and made operational at the University of Cologne in a test cryostat manufactured by the company CTT. The picture shows this system and a view into the preamplifier section. The preamplifiers are a low power version of the MINIBALL preamplifiers (built in Cologne). The end cap matches closely the hexaconical shape of the detector. This is the first of three symmetric hexagonal capsules that have been ordered. Excellent results were
obtained : the energy resolutions for the 36 outer segments are 1.14 keV
at 60keV and 1.99 keV at 1.3MeV, while the crystal core contact gives
1.2keV and 2.1keV, respectively. The cross talk between segment signals was
measured to be less than 10-3. This capsule is now being transferred into an purpose built AGATA test cryostat and will be shipped in August to the University of Liverpool where it will be scanned to fully characterise
the pulse shapes. A second capsule has also been delivered and is also under test at Cologne and a third ready for delivery in July.
For more information, contact J. Eberth, D. Weisshaar (Cologne).

- The first two asymmetric capsules, with a geometry designed for a full 4 pi ball, have been ordered.

AGATA Geometry  :

- A joint meeting of the AGATA Steering Committee and AGATA management
board was held at the University of Cologne on
25/6/04. One of the main items on the agenda was the chocse of geometry
for the final AGATA spectrometer.
Geometries with 120 and 180 detectors were considered.

The committees decided that AGATA should be based on a 180 geometry.
A document presenting the geometries considered and some performance characteristics
is posted here .
Details on the performance calculations and geometries considered can be obtained from a <a
href=""> comparison performed
by Enrico Farnea.

Local Level Processing :

- A joint meeting of the PSA and Characterisations teams will take place in Munich on
29/9 30/9. This is a key meting to review progress in PSA algorithms and characterisation procedures. A team leader for PSA is to be appointed.

Ancillary Devices  :

- An ancillary detector form is available on the AGATA ancillary web page . This form needs to be filled in by any potential owner or developer of an AGATA ancillary device and returned to A. Gadea and Ch. Theisen.

European Affairs  :

- EURONS has been approved. 1.050 Meuros should be available for the AGATA project as from January 2005.