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Microstructural evolution and structural functionalization by ion beams

Ion beams are used to create defects and modify the chemical and/or structural modifications of materials, which interesting properties could be found, either from a fundamental point of view or for applications, such as in the energy field.

Our actual research projects are:

- Understanding the synthesis of nano-size metallic oxide cluster in high purity FeCr alloys: application to ODS steels for future fission and fusion reactors

- Role of light gas (He, H) on the nano-metallic oxides properties in ODS steels under irradiation

- Perovskite hybrides 3D and ion irradiation

- Surface functionalization by focused ion beam

For these projects, the team has an extensive use of the ion accelerators SCALP facility of the CSNSM. A part of this facility is called JANNuS-Orsay [1], and consists of a transmission electron microscope linked to two ion accelerators. Three of us are local contacts on this facility, and one is the scientific leader.
One project has also an extensive use of photoluminescence spectroscopy.

Former projects (non exhaustive list):

- Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaics: ion implantation as a tool for interface defect engineering

- CoIrrHeSim project: Co-influence of irradiation and helium gas on swelling of austenitic steels

- Synthesis of nano-precipitates in semiconductor matrix: defects engineering

[1JANNuS (Joint Accelerators for Nanosciences and Nuclear Simulation) is an ion beam facility, managed jointly by CNRS/IN2P3, Université Paris-Sud, and CEA/DEN, located on two sites Orsay and Saclay (