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Materials for photovoltaic energy

Materials for photovoltaic energy

In materials science, as seen in particular in semiconductor physics in the past, it is important to work on the relationship between the structural, electronic and optical properties. We use ion irradiation to introduce defects in materials and modify their electronic and optical properties. We are considering more specially issues in materials for optoelectronic applications : are defects an advantage or drawback for controlling materials’ properties ? Can we understand better materials’ properties like light emission with the help of defects engineering ? Also, a significant challenge presented by 2D materials as 2D hybrid perovskites, is that the electron wave functions are tightly localized making quasi-particle interactions much more enhanced, thereby impacting materials properties differently from conventional materials and limiting the application of established 3D defects knowledge. How point defects influence excitonic dynamics (types and timescales), electronic conductivity / mobility, optical emission and absorption, as well as electronic structure in new materials for photovoltaics will be an issue we would like to address both for applied and fundamental knowledge.

- Silicon heterojunction solar cell : ion implantation as a tool for interface defect engineering
- Photoluminescence of defects in hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites

Contact : O. Plantevin