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Meng Zhang

Nuclear mass measurement in Lanzhou

Jeudi 23 avril 2009, à 16h00

With the commissioning of the Cooler Storage Ring (CSR) at the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL), direct mass measurements are possible with the storage ring in Lanzhou. In December of 2007, a pilot experiment operating the CSRe in isochronous mode to test the power of HIRFL-CSR for measuring the mass of the short-lived nucleus was performed. The mass resolution of about 105 for m/∆m is achieved. Encouraged by this result, another two runs were performed to measure the masses of the fragments of 78Kr. The masses of 67Se, 65As and 63Ge were measured for the first time. The status and perspective of the penning trap projected in Lanzhou will also be presented.