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October 12th 2004

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- 21-24th of febuary 2005 at GSI

- Next AMB meeting will be on December 9th 2004 at the University of Cologne

- The AMB has been restructured and now has the working groups :

Detector Module Working Group.
Chairperson Juergen Eberth.

  • Detector module and cryostat (D. Weisshaar)
  • Preamplifier (A. Pullia)

Detector performance.
Chairperson Reiner Krucken

  • Pulse shape analysis team (R. Gernhaeuser/P.Desesquelles)
  • Detector characterisation team (A. Boston)

Data processing.
Chairperson D.Bazzacco

  • Digitisation (P.Medina)
  • Pre-processing algorithms (W. Gast)
  • Pre-processing hardware (I.Lazarus)
  • Global clock and trigger (M.Bellato)
  • Data acquisition (X.Grave)
  • Run-control + GUI (G.Maron)

Ancillary detectors and ancillary detector integration.
Chairperson A.Gadea.

  • Ancillary detector impact on AGATA performance (to be identified)
  • Electronics and data acquisition integration (Ch.Theisen)
  • Mechanical integration of ancillary detectors and devices
  • Ancillary devices for the key experiments (N. Redon)

Design and Infrastructure.
Chairperson G.Duchene.

  • Mechanical design
  • Infrastructure
  • R&D on other Ge detectors.
  • Team leaders are to be identified.

Data Analysis Working Group.
Chairperson Johan Nyberg.

  • Physics and event simulation of key experiments (E. Farnea)
  • Detector data base parameters (To be identified)
  • Gamma-ray tracking (A. Lopez-Martens)
  • Data processing (online/offline analysis, etc.) (O.Stezowski)

Detector Module :
- One of the 2 delivered capsules in an AGATA test cryostat will be delivered to LIVERPOOL early November for scanning.

Detector Performance :
- A joint PSA and DETECTOR CHARACTERISATION meeting took place on 29-30/09 in Munich.
Details and slides can be found on the Munich web site .
- The PSA team leadership will be shared between by Roman Gernhaeuser (organisation) and Pierre Desesquelles (PSA) until the next AGATA week,

Design and Infrastructure :
- A grounding meeting will be arranged at IReS (Strasbourg) on the 28th of October (10h00 to 16h00). Contact Gilbert Duchene for