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Corina Andreoiu (Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC. Canada)

On Selected Canadian Radioactive Beam Experiments

Mardi 17 décembre 14h, CSNSM Salle de réunion du Bât 108

In my talk I will describe two programs performed using radioactive beams delivered by the ISAC facility at TRIUMF, Canada’s National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics located in Vancouver, BC.
The first program is focussed on γ-ray spectroscopy using an array of 20 Compton-suppressed detectors called the 8π spectrometer, coupled with a suite on ancillary detectors to study the structure of a variety of nuclei close and far of stability such as 116Sn, 94Zr, and 102Rb via β decay. The second program is about a newly developed program using the ion traps of the TITAN facility to measure very weak electron-capture branching ratios in a set of odd-odd nuclei to extract their ground state properties of the nuclear wave function connected to ββ-decay.
I will end by describing some future research programs led by Simon Fraser University, triggered by the replacement of the 8π spectrometer with a more powerful array called GRIFFIN, and how the 8π will start a new career at SFU.

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