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POLARized EXotic nuclei
Project Leader : Carole Gaulard (
And : Alain Astier, Georges Audi, Stéphane Cabaret, Asénath Etilé, Georgi Georgiev, François Le Blanc, Lara Risegari, Stéphanie Roccia, Gary Simpson, Nick J. Stone, Jirina R. Stone, David Verney

POLAREX (POLARization of EXotic nuclei) is a new experiment for the study of the nuclear magnetic moments and spins of exotic nuclei [1]. The On-Line Nuclear Orientation (OLNO) method will be used to observe the decay of a spin-oriented ensemble of nuclei. The OLNO method associates on-line implantation of a radioactive beam of interest with the "Low Temperature Nuclear Orientation" (LTNO) technique [2].


The exotic nuclei are implanted into a ferromagnetic host foil held at a temperature of order 10 mK attached to the cold finger of an OXFORD 400 3He - 4He dilution refrigerator (see image). The nuclear spins are oriented through the internal hyperfine field (10 - 100 T) and the ferromagnet fully magnetised by an external magnetic field (about 0.5 T). We will study neutron-rich nuclides produced at the ALTO facility (Linear Accelerator at Orsay Tandem) by fission induced by electrons from the linear electron accelerator (10 - 50 MeV, 10 microA).

"Low Temperature Nuclear Orientation with POLAREX : present and future."
Invited talk at the Workshop on low-energy fundamental interactions physics at ISOL@MYRRHA, Mol, October 2011.

"POLAREX :Study of frozen polarized nuclei", Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science : ARIS2011, Leuven (2011).

"POLAREX : Study of frozen polarized exotic nuclei", European Physical Journal A 40, 2009. Proceedings of ENAM 2008 - Fifth International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses, Ryn (2009).

"POLAREX : Study of polarized exotic nuclei", European Gammapool Workshop, Paris (2008).

PDF - 840 ko
Poster presented at ARIS 2011 Conference, Leuven, June 2011
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Avant Projet Simplifié
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Addendum APS

[2Low Temperature Nuclear Orientation, eds. N.J. Stone and H. Postma (North-Holland, Amsterdam) 1986