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A brief description of the pre-processing applied to the raw data for the first scans of the detector S001 performed at Liverpool.

  1. Rough presort while data is read from disk :
    Make sure there are Ge data present in this "event" (that the analogue Core energy > 0) and that the energy of the core from the MWD is not "too" high. Also make sure that there was only 1 NaI present with energy in the limits : 150 < channel < 1000, see figure of NaI energies.

  2. Place cuts on NaI vs GeCore as indicated in the matrix.

  3. Make sure only 1 Ge Segment fired.
    Note, even though the photon beam was directed at sector E, there are events for which the energy deposition was observed in sectors D and F. These events have also been kept.

  4. For each segment and the core the first 64 flash adc samples are used to determine a baseline which is then used to align all flash adc values :
    new_sample[i][j][t] = sample[i][j][t] - baseline[i][j] + 1000, where [i] and [j] represent the sector (A-E) and the slice (1-6) represpectively. The resulting dispersion in the waveforms is slightly reduced in comparison to using the baseline written in the raw data.