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Accueil > Archives > 2011 > Preview of Ame 2013 and Nubase 2013 by G.Audi & M.Wang

Preview of Ame 2013 and Nubase 2013 by G.Audi & M.Wang

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Intensive work is continuing for the preparation of the two "horizontal" evaluations Ame 2013 and Nubase 2013. These two evaluations are foreseen to be published by the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

In the mean time, given the fact that the previous evaluations are already more than 7 years old, and that many demands have been expressed by our colleagues for some updated tables, we have decided to release now a series of tables and figures containing today’s status of our work.
These tables will certainly appear to be different from the final tables that we will publish as Ame 2013 & Nubase 2013, however, compared to the 2003 publications,
so many changes and improvements are included that we think they can answer already most of the demands from many of our colleagues.

WARNING : no details on how the new values were derived will accompany the present tables; all details about our final analysis and choices will be given in the coming Ame 2013 and Nubase 2013 publications.

The Ame 2011-preview is given here as 3 tables and a series of figures that can be downloaded from :

The Nubase 2011-preview appears in the Nucleus display that can be found as:

or for the 3D version

All values distributed above are given with the " not published " status.
When needed they can be quoted as : Private Communication April 2011 by Georges Audi and Wang Meng