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Dr V. Zacek, Université de Montreal, Canada

Searching for Dark Matter

Mercredi 9 Octobre 2013 15h salle de réunion Bat.108 1er étage

The quest for the mysterious missing mass of the Universe has become one of the big challenges for today’s particle physics and cosmology. Astronomical observations show that only 1% of the matter of the Universe is luminous and there is now convincing evidence that 85% of all gravitationally traceable matter in the Universe is of a new exotic kind, different from the "ordinary" matter surrounding us with its protons, neutrons and electrons. This so-called Cold Dark Matter (CDM) is thought to consist of so-called WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles), neutral particles, about ten to thousand times heavier than a proton and which interact extremely weakly with each other and ordinary matter. In this talk we will review the astronomical evidence of Dark Matter and the experimental efforts which are made to explore its nature.