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Francesco Buatier de Mongeot

Self-organized Functional Nanostructures by Ion Beam Sputtering

Mardi 06 juillet, à 11h00

I will review recent results relative to the self-organised formation of laterally ordered arrays of periodic nanostructures induced by ion beam sputtering (IBS) on crystalline model systems [1]. The possibility to modify important chemico-physical properties of the nanostructures by tailoring their nanoscale morphology will be demonstrated recurring to examples in the field of catalysis [2], and of nano-magnetism [3].

In the second part of my talk I will show that the lessons derived from crystalline model systems can be successfully extended to the formation of nanoscale patterns polycrystalline metal films supported on low cost substrates [4]. Particularly interesting, in view of Plasmon enhanced bio-sensing applications as well as of photovoltaic applications, appears the possibility to tune the optical and plasmonic properties of noble metal nanowire arrays produced by IBS on transparent substrates[5,6,7].

I will finally demonstrate that by ion beam sputtering it is possible to guide and substantially speed-up the self-organized formation of high aspect ratio nanostructures also on a substrate which would otherwise not be prone to develop an instability, if one recurs to a sacrificial metal film. Following ion irradiation, the film selforganises into a disconnected array of laterally ordered nanowires which guides etching of the underlying dielectric substrate like a stencil mask [8].

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