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Emmanouil Frantzeskakis (Van der WaalsZeeman Institute, University of Amsterdam)

Writing on topological insulators

Jeudi 20 novembre 2014 à 14h00 C.S.N.S.M. - Bât. 108 - Salle de réunion

3D topological insulators (TIs) are a novel class of materials with an insulating bulk
and metallic surfaces. The remarkable properties of TIs and their high potential for
a wide range of applications ranging from spintronics to quantum computation are
due to the existence of two‐dimensional ‐ topologically‐protected ‐ electronic states
on their surface. Enormous scientific effort is invested to generate situations in
which these topological surface states dominate the physical response of the system.

After a brief introduction on topological insulators, I will discuss the main directions
of the scientific research on TIs at the University of Amsterdam using bulk‐sensitive
(transport) and surface‐sensitive (Angle‐Resolved PhotoElectron Spectroscopy,
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) probes. With a view to making topological surface
states the dominant source of conductivity, our case study will be to demonstrate
the possibility to exclude bulk‐related electronic states from the Fermi level of TIs.
Using Angle‐Resolved PhotoElectron Spectroscopy I will show that this is possible at
pre‐defined sample locations by the interplay of an intense ultraviolet photon beam
and band‐bending effects.

In other words, I will describe how to “write” small ‐ micro‐metric ‐ letters on a
topological insulator.

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