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recently published

D. Lunney,
“Advances in Radioactive-Isotope Science from Mass Measurements”
Conference : Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science (ARIS2014)
JPS Conf. Proc., 010018 (2015)

D. Atanasov with the ISOLTRAP Collaboration,
“Precision Mass Measurements of 129–131Cd and Their Impact on Stellar Nucleosynthesis via the Rapid Neutron Capture Process”
PRL 115, 232501 (2015)

A. Kwiatkowski with the TITAN Collaboration,
“Observation of a crossover of S2n in the island of inversion from precision mass spectrometry”
PHYSICAL REVIEW C 92, 061301(R) (2015)

M. Rosenbusch with the ISOLTRAP Collaboration,
“Probing the N=32 Shell Closure below the Magic Proton Number Z=20 :
Mass Measurements of the Exotic Isotopes 52,53K”
PRL 114, 202501 (2015)

P. Dupre and D. Lunney,
“High-resolution mass separation by phase splitting and fast centering of ion motion in a Penning trap”
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 379 (2015) 33–45

S. Malbrunot-Ettenauer with the TITAN Collaboration,
“Penning trap mass measurements utilizing highly charged ions as a path to benchmark isospin-symmetry breaking corrections in 74Rb”
PHYSICAL REVIEW C 91, 045504 (2015)

Comment on ‘‘Atomic mass compilation 2012’’ by B. Pfeiffer, K. Venkataramaniah, U. Czok, and C. Scheidenberger,
G. Audi, K. Blaum, M. Block, G. Bollen, S. Goriely, J.C. Hardy, F. Herfurth, F.G. Kondev,
H.-J. Kluge, D. Lunney, J.M. Pearson, G. Savard, K.S. Sharma, M. Wang, Y.H. Zhang
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 103–104 (2015) 1–3